Knora-ui modules

User Interface Modules for Knora

The Knora-ui modules are published on npmJS.

The modules helps to create a graphical user interface, a web application to use Knora in a quick and simple way. The modules are written in Typescript in order to use them with Angular (version 8). The components and directives are styled with Angular Material.

However, you can start only with @knora/core which contains the basic elements to build and connect your application to the Knora web API. Knora is a software framework for storing, sharing, and working with primary sources and data in the humanities.

Published modules


Special pipes and buttons

The action module contains special pipes to sort lists or to get the index key in arrays, but also directives for images, sort buttons and s.o.

@knora/authentication (deprecated)

Login, Logout, Session

The authentication module contains the login form, a logout button and it offers a session service, but also an authentication guard.


Services for API requests

The core module contains all services to use Knora's RESTful webapi V2 and Admin, as well as a JsonLD converter and an ontology cache service.


Full search panel

The search module allows to make full text or extended searches in Knora. Filter by resource class and its properties related to an ontology.


Resources, Properties, Lists

The viewer module contains object components to show a resource class representation, the property gui-elements and various view frameworks.

Contribute to develop Knora-ui modules

If you want to contribute to develop Knora-ui modules with us, please consult the contribution guideline.

Knora and the Knora ui modules is free software, released under the GNU Affero General Public License.

It is developed by the design team of the Data and Service Center for the Humanities DaSCH at the University of Basel.