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User Profile

Get access to your user profile and more - Get access to your user profile, collections and account from the main user menu.

Your user profile and projects

To change your personal information as well as your default language used by the interface, you can edit your profile clicking Edit. Currently, the avatar image comes from (go on their website to register if you want your customized user photo).

Get access to your user profile and more - Overview of your user profile and your projects.

The list of your projects is accessible, click on one project to get more information about it. As project admin, you can also edit or archive your projects, and as system admin, you can additionally create new project on this page.

Edit user's profileEdit your user profile. The username, the email address and the admin rules are not editable.

Your collections


You will be able to store collections of sources or specific searches to work with them later or share them with collaborators.

Your account

As a matter of security, it is strongly recommended to update your password at least once a year. In your account page, you can update your password.

Get access to the user account where the user can reset its password and deactivate its own account - Update your password and deactivate your user account.

⚠ You can delete (deactivate) your own user account. Only a system administrator will be able to reactivate it.

Last update: 2022-06-23