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Feature Toggles

Some Knora features can be turned on or off on a per-request basis. This mechanism is based on Feature Toggles (aka Feature Flags).

For example, a new feature that introduces a breaking API change may first be introduced with a feature toggle that leaves it disabled by default, so that clients can continue using the old functionality.

When the new feature is ready to be tested with client code, the Knora release notes and documentation will indicate that it can be enabled on a per-request basis, as explained below.

At a later date, the feature may be enabled by default, and the release notes will indicate that it can still be disabled on a per-request basis by clients that are not yet ready to use it.

There may be more than one version of a feature toggle. Every feature toggle has at least one version number, which is an integer. The first version is 1.

Most feature toggles have an expiration date, after which they will be removed.

Request Header

A client can override one or more feature toggles by submitting the HTTP header X-Knora-Feature-Toggles. Its value is a comma-separated list of toggles. Each toggle consists of:

  1. its name
  2. a colon
  3. the version number
  4. an equals sign
  5. a boolean value, which can be on/off, yes/no, or true/false

Using on/off is recommended for clarity. For example:

X-Knora-Feature-Toggles: new-foo:2=on,new-bar=off,fast-baz:1=on

A version number must be given when enabling a toggle. Only one version of each toggle can be enabled at a time. If a toggle is enabled by default, and you want a version other than the default version, simply enable the toggle, specifying the desired version number. The version number you specify overrides the default.

Disabling a toggle means disabling all its versions. When a toggle is disabled, you will get the functionality that you would have got before the toggle existed. Therefore, a version number cannot be given when disabling a toggle.

Response Header

DSP-API v2 and admin API responses contain the header X-Knora-Feature-Toggles. It lists all configured toggles, in the same format as the corresponding request header.

Last update: 2022-07-20