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XML to Standoff Mapping in API v2

General Information

Please see v1 documentation for general information about the XML to standoff mapping: XML To Standoff Mapping in API v1.

Validating a Mapping and sending it to Knora

A mapping can be validated before sending it to Knora with the following XML Schema file: webapi/src/resources/mappingXMLToStandoff.xsd. Any mapping that does not conform to this XML Schema file will be rejected by Knora.

The mapping has to be sent as a multipart request to the standoff route using the path segment mapping:

HTTP POST http://host/v2/mapping

The multipart request consists of two named parts:


      "knora-api:mappingHasName": "My Mapping",
      "knora-api:attachedToProject": "projectIRI",
      "rdfs:label": "MappingNameSegment",
      "@context": {
          "rdfs": "",
          "knora-api": ""


  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

A successful response returns the Iri of the mapping. However, the Iri of a mapping is predictable: it consists of the project Iri followed by /mappings/ and the knora-api:mappingHasName submitted in the JSON-LD (if the name already exists, the request will be rejected). Once created, a mapping can be used to create TextValues in Knora. The formats are documented in the v2 typescript interfaces AddMappingRequest and AddMappingResponse in module MappingFormats

Last update: 2023-06-01