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Structure of the DSP-TOOLS repository


├── docs                    markdown files containing the documentation, published on
├── src
│   └── dsp_tools
│       ├──          CLI entry point
│       ├── utils           functions called by the CLI entry point
│       ├── models          python classes used by the "utils" functions
│       ├── fast_xmlupload  functions for the 3 commands `process-files`, `upload-files`, `fast-xmlupload`
│       ├──    CLI command + library to create a XML file
│       ├── import_scripts  example repo for excel2json and import scripts (git submodule,
│       └── resources       non-python files included in the distribution
├── test
│   ├── e2e                 tests that need a DSP stack running
│   └── unittests           tests that don't need a DSP stack running
├── testdata                files necessary for the tests to run
└── pyproject.toml          project metadata, definition of pip-dependencies, config for many tools

Interdependence of the modules

Interdependence of the classes

Last update: September 13, 2023