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Knora is published as a set of Docker images under the DaSCH Basel Dockerhub Organization.

The following Docker images are published:

  • Knora-API:
  • Jena Fuseki:
  • Sipi (includes Knora's Sipi scripts):
  • Salsah 1:
  • Salsah 2:

Knora's Docker images are published automatically through Github CI each time a pull-request is merged into the main branch.

Each image is tagged with a version number, where the version is derived by using the result of git describe. The describe version is built from the last tag + number of commits since tag + short hash, e.g., 8.0.0-7-ga7827e9.

The images can be published locally by running:

$ make docker-build

or to Dockerhub:

$ make docker-publish

Last update: 2021-10-28