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Starting the Knora Stack inside Docker Container

To run Knora locally, we provide docker-compose.yml which can be used to start GraphDB, Sipi, Webapi running each in its own Docker container.

For GraphDB it is additionally necessary to define two environment variables:

$ export KNORA_GDB_LICENSE # full path to the GraphDB-SE license file, e.g., /Users/name/GDB/GDB.license
$ export KNORA_GDB_HOME # full path to a local folder where GraphDB should store it's data, e.g., /users/name/GDB/home

Per default, GraphDB-SE is started. If GraphDB-Free is needed, because there is no awailable license, then a third environment variable can be set to something like:

$ export KNORA_GDB_IMAGE=daschswiss/graphdb-free:8.3.1 

To run the whole stack:

$ docker-compose up

For additional information please see the Docker Compose documentation

Last update: 2022-04-05