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How to Write Unit Tests

1) Inside a test, at the beginning, add the following (change the paths to the test data as needed):

val rdfDataObjects = List (
       RdfDataObject(path = "test_data/responders.v1.ValuesResponderV1Spec/incunabula-data.ttl", name = "")

The data will be automatically loaded before any tests are executed. These tests should be stored inside the src/test folder hierarchy.

2) Call the test from terminal:

$ make test-unit
$ make test-e2e

How to Write Integration Tests

The only difference between Integration and Unit tests is the location where they are stored and the way how they are called:

1) Store tests inside the src/it folder hierarchy. 2) Call the tests from the terminal: make test-it

Last update: 2022-06-22