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Groups Endpoint

Endpoint Overview

Group Operations:

  • GET: /admin/groups : return all groups
  • GET: /admin/groups/<groupIri> : return single group identified by [IRI]
  • POST: /admin/groups : create a new group
  • PUT: /admin/groups/<groupIri> : update groups's basic information
  • PUT: /admin/groups/<groupIri>/status : update group's status
  • DELETE: /admin/groups/<groupIri> : delete group (set status to false)

Member Operations:

  • GET: /admin/groups/<groupIri>/members : return all group members

Group Operations

Create Group

  • Required permission: SystemAdmin / hasProjectAllAdminPermission / hasProjectAllGroupAdminPermission
  • Required information: name (unique inside project), project IRI
  • Optional information: group descriptions
  • Returns information about the newly created group
  • TypeScript Docs: groupFormats - CreateGroupApiRequestV1
  • POST: /admin/groups
  • BODY:
      "name": "NewGroup",
      "descriptions": [
        {"value": "NewGroupDescription", "language": "en"},
        {"value": "NeueGruppenBeschreibung", "language": "de"}
      "project": "",
      "status": true,
      "selfjoin": false

Additionally, each group can have an optional custom IRI (of @ref:Knora IRI form) specified by the id in the request body as below:

      "id": "",  
      "name": "GroupWithCustomIRI",
      "descriptions": [{"value": "A new group with a custom IRI", "language": "en"}],
      "project": "",
      "status": true,
      "selfjoin": false

Update group information

  • Required permission: SystemAdmin / hasProjectAllAdminPermission / hasProjectAllGroupAdminPermission / hasProjectRestrictedGroupAdminPermission (for this group)
  • Changeable information: name, descriptions, selfjoin
  • TypeScript Docs: groupFormats - ChangeGroupApiRequestADM
  • PUT: /admin/groups/<groupIri>
  • BODY:
  "name": "UpdatedGroupName",
  "descriptions": [{"value": "UpdatedGroupDescription", "language": "en"}],
  "selfjoin": false

Change Group Status:

  • Required permission: SystemAdmin / hasProjectAllAdminPermission
  • Changeable information: status
  • Remark: Deleting a group, removes all members from the group.
  • PUT: /admin/groups/<groupIri>/status
  • BODY:
  "status": false

Delete Group:

  • Required permission: SystemAdmin / hasProjectAllAdminPermission
  • Remark: The same as changing the groups status to false. To un-delete, set status to true.
  • DELETE: /admin/groups/<groupIri>

Example Group Information stored in admin named graph: :

     rdf:type knora-admin:UserGroup ;
     knora-admin:groupName "Name of the group" ;
     knora-admin:groupDescriptions "A description of the group"@en ;
     knora-admin:belongsToProject <[UUID]> ;
     knora-admin:status "true"^^xsd:boolean ;
     knora-admin:hasSelfJoinEnabled "false"^^xsd:boolean .

Member Operations

Get Group Members

  • Returns all group members
  • Required permission: SystemAdmin / ProjectAdmin
  • GET: /admin/groups/<groupIri>/members

Last update: January 19, 2023