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Code Quality Tools

There are a variety of tools that help to keep code quality high.

DSP-TOOLS uses the ones listed on this page.

The decision to use this set of tools is based on the information in the following pages.

Task Tool Configuration
General formatting EditorConfig .editorconfig
MarkdownLint .markdownlint.yml
Python formatting Black pyproject.toml
Python docstring formatting pydocstyle *
darglint .darglint
Python type checking mypy pyproject.toml
Python linting Ruff *
pylint ** pyproject.toml
Security checks Dependabot .github/dependabot.yml
CodeQL GitHub settings
Gitleaks * .gitleaks.toml
Bandit .github/workflows/bandit.yml

(*) coming soon

(**) will perhaps become redundant, as Ruff matures

Last update: September 12, 2023