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Python Formatting

There is a variety of style checkers (tools that give a feedback) and auto-formatters (tools that are able to fix the formatting violations automatically).

Existing Type Checkers and Auto-Formatters


Checks Python code against some style conventions in PEP 8.


Automatically fixes most of the formatting issues reported by pycodestyle. Since PEP 8 is rather liberal, autopep8/pycodestyle don't modify code too much.


A PEP 8 compliant opinionated auto-formatter with its own style, going further than autopep8/pycodestyle. Style configuration options are deliberately limited to a minimum. Black aims for readability and reducing git diffs. Black is an easy-to-use tool, with sensible and useful defaults. Its style is very elegant.


Auto-formatter that can be configured to support different styles.


Sorts import statements alphabetically, and separates them into sections, according to their type.

Last update: September 12, 2023