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Standard Standoff Markup Mapping

A mapping allows for the conversion of XML to standoff representation in RDF and back. In order to create a TextValue with markup, the text has to be provided in XML format, along with the IRI of the mapping that will be used to convert the markup to standoff.

DSP-API offers a standard mapping with the IRI The standard mapping covers the HTML elements and attributes supported by the GUI's text editor, CKEditor. (Please note that the HTML has to be encoded in strict XML syntax. CKeditor offers the possibility to define filter rules. They should reflect the elements supported by the mapping.) The standard mapping contains the following elements and attributes that are mapped to standoff classes and properties defined in the ontology:

  • <text>standoff:StandoffRootTag
  • <p>standoff:StandoffParagraphTag
  • <em>standoff:StandoffItalicTag
  • <strong>standoff:StandoffBoldTag
  • <u>standoff:StandoffUnderlineTag
  • <sub>standoff:StandoffSubscriptTag
  • <sup>standoff:StandoffSuperscriptTag
  • <strike>standoff:StandoffStrikeTag
  • <a href="URL">knora-base:StandoffUriTag
  • <a class="salsah-link" href="Knora IRI">knora-base:StandoffLinkTag
  • <a class="internal-link" href="#fragment">knora-base:StandoffInternalReferenceTag
  • <h1> to <h6>standoff:StandoffHeader1Tag to standoff:StandoffHeader6Tag
  • <ol>standoff:StandoffOrderedListTag
  • <ul>standoff:StandoffUnrderedListTag
  • <li>standoff:StandoffListElementTag
  • <tbody>standoff:StandoffTableBodyTag
  • <table>standoff:StandoffTableTag
  • <tr>standoff:StandoffTableRowTag
  • <td>standoff:StandoffTableCellTag
  • <br>standoff:StandoffBrTag
  • <hr>standoff:StandoffLineTag
  • <pre>standoff:StandoffPreTag
  • <cite>standoff:StandoffCiteTag
  • <blockquote>standoff:StandoffBlockquoteTag
  • <code>standoff:StandoffCodeTag

The HTML produced by CKEditor is wrapped in an XML doctype and a pair of root tags <text>...</text> and then sent to the DSP-API. The XML sent to the GUI by the DSP-API is unwrapped accordingly. Although the GUI supports HTML5, it is treated as if it was XHTML in strict XML notation.

Text with standard standoff markup can be transformed to TEI XML as described here.

Last update: August 21, 2023