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Store Module


GraphDB and embedded Jena TDB triplestores support is deprecated since v20.1.1 of DSP-API.

The store module houses the different types of data stores supported by Knora. At the moment, only triplestores and IIIF servers (Sipi) are supported. The triplestore support is implemented in the package and the IIIF server support in package.


At the top level, the store package houses the StoreManager-Actor which is started when Knora starts. The StoreManager then starts the TriplestoreManager and IIIFManager, which each in turn starts their correct actor implementation.


Currently, the only supported triplestore is Apache Jena Fuseki, a HTTP-based triplestore.

HTTP-based triplestore support is implemented in the org.knora.webapi.triplestore.http package.

An HTTP-based triplestore is one that is accessed remotely over the HTTP protocol. HttpTriplestoreConnector supports the open source triplestore Apache Jena Fuseki.

IIIF Servers

Currently, only support for SIPI is implemented in

Last update: January 19, 2023