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Excel File Format to Generate an XML Data File

If you want to convert customer data to XML, you need the excel2xml module instead of the CLI command.

With the excel2xml CLI command, an XML data file can be created from an Excel/CSV file.

The Excel/CSV file must be structured as in this image:

Some notes:

  • The special tags <annotation>, <link>, and <region> are represented as resources of restype Annotation, LinkObj, and Region.
  • The columns "ark", "iri", and "creation_date" are only used for DaSCH internal data migration.
  • If file is provided, but no file permissions, an attempt will be started to deduce them from the resource permissions (res-defaultprop-default and res-restrictedprop-restricted). If this attempt is not successful, a BaseError will be raised.

Last update: September 12, 2023