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Prospector is a wrapper around the following tools:

  • pylint (very through linter and error detector)
  • pycodestyle (checks formatting for violations of PEP 8)
  • Pyflakes (error detector)
  • McCabe (complexity checker)
  • Dodgy (simple regex check to detect accidental SCM diff checkins or secrets hard coded into files)
  • Pydocstyle (docstring checker)
  • Pyroma (checks files)
  • Vulture (finds unused code)
  • Frosted (fork of Pyflakes)
  • Mypy (type checker)
  • Bandit (finds common security issues)

The primary aim of Prospector is to be useful out of the box. A common complaint of other Python analysis tools is that it takes a long time to filter through which errors are relevant. Prospector provides some default profiles, which hopefully will provide a good starting point and will be useful straight away.


Pylance (ms-python.vscode-pylance) is the default language support for the Python extension (ms-python.python) in Visual Studio Code. It relies on the type checker pyright, but does much more:

  • docstring
  • parameter suggestion
  • code completion
  • auto-imports
  • code navigation


Pylama is a wrapper around other tools. As of mid-2023, it doesn't seem to be actively maintained anymore. Pylama wraps these tools:

  • pycodestyle (checks formatting for violations of PEP 8)
  • pydocstyle (docstring checker)
  • PyFlakes (error detector)
  • McCabe (complexity checker)
  • Pylint (very through linter and error detector)
  • Radon (computes various metrics from source code, such as McCabe's complexity, SLOC, Halstead metrics, etc.)
  • eradicate (removes commented-out code)
  • Mypy (type checker)
  • Vulture (finds unused code)

Last update: September 12, 2023