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The version endpoint provides the versions of the used components in the Knora-stack. The response has the type application/json and contains the following information:

  1. name: has the value "version"

  2. version numbers for the following components:

    • akkaHttp
    • gdbFree
    • gdbSE
    • sbt
    • scala
    • sipi
    • webapi

Example request

GET /version

Example response

    "akkaHttp": "10.1.7",
    "gdbFree": "8.10.0-free",
    "gdbSE": "8.5.0-se",
    "name": "version",
    "sbt": "1.2.8",
    "scala": "2.12.8",
    "sipi": "v2.0.1",
    "webapi": "10.0.0-7-gc5a72b3-SNAPSHOT"

Last update: January 19, 2023