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DaSCH Service Platform Documentation

Welcome to DaSCH - Swiss National Data and Service Center for the Humanities!

Our mission is to operate a platform for Humanities research data that ensures long-term availability of this data.

We operate the necessary infrastructure (a so called "keep-alive" archive) and support researchers in using this infrastructure. This is done with various open source software tools, all developed in-house.

Our software consists of 3 main components, which are documented here:

  • DSP-APP: The web application that allows you to view and edit data in your browser
  • DSP-API: The core of our software stack: the RDF database that offers an access via API
  • DSP-TOOLS: A command line tool to upload data models and big data sets to a DSP server

Quick start for researchers

If you are a researcher, you're probably most interested in the usage of the generic web application.
In this case, have a look at our DSP-APP user guide.