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DaSCH Applications and Libraries Monorepo

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This monorepo host different applications and libraries of the DaSCH Service Platform.

Install libraries



and run npm install.

@dasch-swiss librairies

Please go to the following readme:

DSP-APP — Generic user interface of DaSCH Service Platform

This app is a simple user interface for the research data repository of the Swiss National Data and Service Center for the Humanities (DaSCH), which uses the DSP-API server application in the backend. It's a system for annotation and linkage of resources in arts and humanities.

DSP-APP implements DSP-JS-LIB to connect with DSP-API. DSP (DaSCH Service Platform) is a software framework for storing, sharing, and working with primary resources and data in the humanities.

DSP-APP is free software, released under GNU Affero General Public license.

User Quickstart

To try out DSP-APP you first need to start the backend DSP-API:

# go the dsp-api repository in a terminal and start the api
$ make init-db-test
$ make stack-without-app

# come back to this repository and start the app
$ npx nx run dsp-app:serve

Developer Quickstart

The monorepo is implemented using NX.

The most common commands are defined in package.json.

NOTE: You can install nx globally with npm install -g nx. If not, then all nx commands below need to be prefixed with npx.

nx npm
nx run dsp-app:test npm run test-local
nx run dsp-app:test:ci npm run test-ci
nx run-many --all --target=test --configuration=ci npm run test-ci-all
nx run dsp-app:serve npm run start-local
nx run dsp-app:serve:test-server npm run start-test
nx run dsp-app:serve:dev-server npm run start-dev
nx run dsp-app:serve:ls-test-server npm run start-ls-test
nx run dsp-app:serve:stage-server npm run start-stage
nx run dsp-app:serve:0845-test-server npm run start-0845-test
nx run dsp-app:lint npm run lint-ci
nx run dsp-app:lint --fix npm run lint-local
nx run dsp-app-e2e:e2e:development npm run e2e-ci-dev
nx run dsp-app-e2e:e2e:production npm run e2e-ci
nx run dsp-app:build build
nx run dsp-app:build:production build-prod
npx npm
cd apps/dsp-app-e2e && npx cypress open npm run e2e-local

IDE plugins


E2E Tests

  • There are three spm scripts to run the E2E tests.
  • npm run e2e-ci-dev will run the E2E tests in the console in a development environment.
  • npm run e2e-ci will run the E2E tests in the console in a production environment. This is the command that is run on GitHub CI.
  • npm run e2e-local will open the Cypress UI which will enable you to easy run individual tests and see every step as it runs.

Further Documentation

User guide

for latest released version

Developer docs

for developers


If you would like to contribute to the development of the DSP-APP alongside us, please consult the general DSP contribution guidelines.

Documentation / User guidelines

We built the user guidelines and developer documentation with MkDocs. Get more information in the appropriate README.