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API Authentication


Authentication is done via the Authorization header. For secured endpoints the value of the header must be Bearer <token>, where <token> is a JWT token issued by the DSP-API.

The token is a JSON Web Token (JWT) that must contain the following claims:

  • iss (issuer): The issuer of the token, the DSP-API
  • sub (subject): The subject of the token, the user's or system id
  • aud (audience): The audience of the token, the Dsp-Ingest service specific audience
  • exp (expiration time): The expiration time of the token, in seconds since epoch
  • iat (issued at): The time at which the token was issued, in seconds since epoch
  • jti (JWT ID): A unique identifier for the token

Permissions and Authorization

Currently, no further authorization is done, but this will change in the future.