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Generally, DSP-API is designed to be backward compatible. Whenever a new major version of DSP-API is released, the existing data is migrated to the new version automatically. The public Rest API is also stable and should remain backward compatible.

However, when a feature appears not to be used, or if there are urgent technical reasons to change the API, we may decide to release breaking changes. In these instances, we try to provide a migration guide, in case some project or application is affected by the change.

If you experience any issues with the migration, please contact us via the DaSCH Help Center.

Migration Guides

Planned: Removal of knora-base:isSequenceOf and knora-base:hasSequenceBounds

If you have used knora-base:isSequenceOf and knora-base:hasSequenceBounds in your data, this should be replaced by knora-base:isAudioSegmentOf or knora-base:isVideoSegmentOf respectively, and knora-base:hasSegmentBounds.

The issue with that is that these properties are only allowed on resources of type knora-base:AudioSegment and knora-base:VideoSegment, whereas previously knora-base:isSequenceOf could be added to any knora-base:Resource. This means that you will have to change the type of the resources that you have been using to be of type knora-base:AudioSegment or knora-base:VideoSegment.

Deprecation Warnings

isSequenceOf and hasSequenceBounds

With the introduction of the new Segment concept in DSP-API v30.11.0, the previously existing properties knora-base:isSequenceOf and knora-base:hasSequenceBounds have been deprecated and will be removed in a future version.

If you are creating a new ontology, please do not use these properties anymore. Instead, use the newly introduced Segment type.

More information on Segments can be found here.